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As we set up our Lending and Borrowing apps, we’d like to inform you of our novel model.

  • Web3 Bonds: Using simple UX and Rounds of liquidity to protect your returns, LIQUIFIED allows you to earn stable interest on your Ethereum.

  • NFT Ownership: Issuing a small number of ERC-721s (NFTs) to Lenders allows us to securely control the size of our liquidity pool and identify which wallet to pay your ETH interest in. It also acts as your proof of ownership of lent ETH and access a private Discord group.

  • NFT Banking: Our unique approach to Borrowing means you can adjust the amount you have borrowed and your collateral on a regular basis.

  • The Journey: Large-cap NFTs are just the beginning. We realise all significant assets (Real-Estate, Stocks, etc) are going to end up on the blockchain. Our Vision is therefore much grander, but what better place to start than with Bored Apes?

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